Intense, sometimes funny video of Alabama pass-rush drill

Intense, sometimes funny video of Alabama pass-rush drill

We’ve reached that lull in football preseason. Call it the Ides of August. The excitement of the first practice was slipped and the first scrimmage has already passed. Still, there’s more than two weeks before anyone plays anybody.

That’s where a little taste of Tosh Lupoi’s spirited pass-rush coaching can add some pep to a Wednesday. Here you see him working with the Alabama outside linebackers on two different techniques to reach the passer and make things unpleasant.

The commentary is worth the volume. About halfway through, Lupoi goes in on Anfernee Jennings’ high school basketball team. Dadeville High School went 2-13 his senior year, according to Lupoi and that has some relation to Jennings ability to dunk. It was funny, worth watching to get a feel for the levity that can be found in an otherwise intense practice.

You’ll get a look at Jennings (33), Terrell Lewis (24), Ben Davis (1), Christopher Allen, (4), Jamey Mosley (16), Markail Benton (36), VanDarius Cowan (43) and Christian Miller (47) among others.

Also take a look at the full practice report from Wednesday.

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Published at Wed, 16 Aug 2017 20:32:01 +0000