Why Alabama sideline got flagged against Florida State

Why Alabama sideline got flagged against Florida State

One of the points of emphasis for referees caught Alabama on the first night of the new season.

A five-yard delay of game penalty was called on the Crimson Tide in the third quarter of Saturday’s win over Florida State. Nick Saban on Wednesday explained why the official threw the flag.

“When the play would be over, our players would actually move toward the field too quickly because we substitute a lot on offense and defense,” Saban said.

At the time of the flag, Saban got a quick explanation from the side judge before turning his anger on the sideline. Strength and conditioning coach Scott Cochran is typically on get-back duty and it appeared he got some of Saban’s chewing.

“That’s something that we had to work on because when you’re going fast, as soon as the next play comes, we call out and guys want to get out there on the field,” Saban said. “Well, sometimes they get out there a little bit too fast so we just had to get it cleaned up.”

The five-yard flag was one of five thrown on Alabama in the opener.

Saban didn’t sound overly concerned with the sideline issue being one that’ll carry over moving forward.

“I know our (officials) in the SEC do a good job and I have plenty to worry about getting our team ready to play without worrying about what the officials need to do to manage the sidelines,” Saban said. “We’ll do the best way we can to try to manage our sidelines so that we don’t have any issues. That’s what we can control and that’s what we’ll stay focused on.”

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Published at Wed, 06 Sep 2017 16:24:56 +0000